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You are really welcome to the homepage of Reliability Association of Korea.
The Reliability Association of Korea is a private organization that has obtained permission for establishment from Ministry of Knowledge Economy with a view to raising the international competitiveness of domestic product and component/material industry and contributing to the technical development by contributing to the supply, spread and development of reliability technology management to enhance the reliability of product, component and material industry.
In order to achieve the purpose of establishing our association, the association is making an effort to exchange information on the reliability technology and management between member companies, establish a mutual cooperation system, and promote a reliability technology related publicity project such as cultivation of reliability experts and holding of lectures and education related to reliability to expand the base of reliability technology in priority.
As the international competition is more deepening while our country grows into the 7th largest exporter in the world, the securing of reliability of component materials as well as complete products is rising as an important challenge and the recognition of the importance of the reliability of our enterprises is gradually rising, so given the situation that the international car makers having been proud of being the best in the world stops the production and sale of their main car models due to a defect in safety(reliability) to damage even the quality myth which was their country, this can be said to show how important value of the enterprises and value of the industry the securing of reliability is.
Given this point, the role of component and material experts and reliability certifiers including the important product enterprises in Korea to enhance the reliability technology can be said to be very important, so our association will exert our best efforts to execute the role of a centripetal body for various matters sincerely to enable these enterprises to exert their capability in the process of polishing up their reliability technology.
We sincerely hope that you will give us your generous concern and support.